Compact with Texans

In our efforts to provide quality customer service, our standard is to respond to telephone communications, correspondence, and e-mail as soon as possible. We respond to requests for public information in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act. When the information you have requested is clearly open to the public, the 49ͼ (49ͼ) will provide the information as soon as reasonably possible and without delay.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Texas Government Code, Chapter 2114, “Customer Service” (Compact with Texans), 49ͼ has established the following procedures for responding to formal complaints from the public regarding customer service provided by 49ͼ staff.

Filing a 49ͼ Customer Service Complaint

A formal public complaint is a signed written statement of complaints or concerns regarding the customer service provided by employees of the 49ͼ. A formal public complaint must include the facts upon which the complaint is based.

Complaints concerning the customer service provided by 49ͼ employees must be signed by the complainant and must be submitted to 49ͼ in person or by mail, fax, or email to:

Human Resources Division
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701-1494
Phone: (512) 463-9734
Fax: (512) 463-6589

Anonymous or unsigned complaints will not be processed according to the Agency’s operating procedures.

Customer service complaints that are received orally, or by fax or email will be handled according to these procedures. In order for an e-mail message, including its attachments to be reviewed as a complaint, the sender must be verified. The sender must provide a full name, address, and phone number. Verification of sender will be conducted by phone and documented in a reply message to sender.

Information to provide when filing a Compact with Texans complaint:

  • Your full name, mailing address, and phone number
  • Details of the event or issue, including dates and names if available
  • Any supporting documentation

The Agency will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 10 working days. Your complaint will be reviewed and addressed by 49ͼ management staff or the internal auditor, depending on the nature of the complaint.

49ͼ will provide a written response to you within 60 days of receipt of your complaint. The response will include either (a) a summary of the resolution of the complaint or (b) an estimated timeline for resolving the complaint if 49ͼ is unable to complete the review within 60 days.

Complaints about entities other than 49ͼ

The General Inquiry Unit provides information and assistance in filing a complaint about the programs, services or actions of a school district, charter school, or education service center.

The state comptroller's office Compact with Texans page provides information about filing complaints with other state agencies.