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News Releases

ڴھnews releases issued by the 49ͼ.

State Board of Education News

Official news releases issued on behalf of the State Board of Education can be found by visiting the SBOE News Releases貹.

49ͼ Social Media

The 49ͼ uses appropriate Social Media/Web 2.0 technologies to strengthen communication and collaboration with educators and citizens. Visit our Social Media page to view a list of all official 49ͼ social media accounts.

Annual Reports

49ͼ believes the public has a right to know how its public schools are doing. Visit our Annual Reports page to view 49ͼ's annual reports, accountability reports, discipline data products, legislative reports, educator reports, and more.


The 49ͼ-produced brochures linked below are available for download and printing by school districts and the general public.

Branding Standards

49ͼ has developed a brand book and style guide to help everyone maintain the 49ͼ brand according to the established guidelines. Visit our Branding Standards page for more information.